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Discover how to boost your recruitment processes with a Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software - ATS used in 14 countries.

With a powerful and easy to use ATS

  • 70+ automated recruitment sources.
  • Maximize the visibility of your offers and improve your employer branding.
  • Generate a comprehensive talent database.
  • Monitor ROI across recruitment channels.
  • Recruitment 2.0: Manage premium employment portals, social networks, universities, aggregators...

Collaborate with your team in the most efficient way

  • Chat and Internal Timeline.
  • Approval flows.
  • Alerts and reminders.
  • Email synchronization with Outlook & Gmail
  • Calendar synchronization with Office Exchange & Google suite.

All in one place!

Go where your competitors can’t

  • Generate an up-to-date talent database.
  • Standardize department workflows
  • Reduces administrative and manual tasks.
  • Improve quality and good practices among your team.
  • Reduce dispersion and avoid loss of information.

< I believe Bizneo ATS is the optimal tool to manage recruitment  processes. It has allowed us to create our own candidate database, avoiding duplicates, and recovering comments made during previous processes. In short, we’ve optimized our time and resources. >

Fanny de la Torre - Head of HR at Reca Hispania

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